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Evoke - Warriors Of Death from


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Recent Comments

  • I would like 7 euros including shipping
  • +7
  • Cool man. Happy listening!
  • You do what you must for the fun. I wish I lived near woods or a swamp or something. I'm surrounded by concrete and
  • Hardcore.
  • This is fucking awesome. Looks like what you would see on a sweet band's album.
  • AWESOME vest, but I think you should get ore punk patches if you're gonna have a Misfits patch, just my opinion.
  • Yeah, the large cover is fucking cool. Definitely my favorite Grief cover as well. WHOAH!
  • Awesome man.
  • Gimme da pussy plz?
  • Nice! Gurt is cool.
  • Np, btw changed the band name to just 'death'
  • The album that put Raven back on the map!
  • sleeveless is always better for summer; i always snip the collars off mine as well
  • nice lp, this would be great to have for the larger artwork alone, probably their best cover art of all their albums and
  • For some reason the first thing that came to mind when i saw this was lord of the rings

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