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  • Dank dir !
  • Would also like to know!
  • I got this one in a circle, one of my favs. Nice find!
  • Dope
  • I like the black and white look. That red patch on the back stands out a bit too much though.
  • What's that lime green bordered patch?
  • speechless....
  • Damn, haven't seen merch of this group before. Nice shirt!
  • Hot damn! What an amazing collection. Must have taken you a long time to track these all down.
  • Hi, Can you sell it?
  • interessant, wie unterschiedlich dasselbe design in verschiedener verarbeitung wirken kann. auf dem original shirt hart,
  • Hi, Could you sell it?
  • großartiger musiker und ein geniales album. aber mit den shirt-designs werde ich irgendwie nicht warm. für sich eigentli
  • It's a cool shirt bro. Hope you like it. Cheers \m/
  • need same in pair to 2009 version)
  • Gotta love that vintage styled weaving! Cirith Ungol rules.


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