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  • Sick patch!!
  • duuuuuude are you in your underwear in this photo?
  • killer band!
  • killer band!
  • Beautiful...maybe one day.
  • I'm not sure they can reproduce the vibe they had on this album though......I mean......embodiment of chaos was, an
  • Incredible shirt and album, one of their best, new album just released is also bad arse.
  • Awesome shirt, heavy as album
  • That's very cool, much better than the re-recording of Kein Ontkommen!
  • Very good looking shirt
  • Havnt seen this version.....great album!!
  • see the "Ask about a trade or sale" link at the top? try it!!!!
  • BRUTAL , full flames
  • Actually i thought that music was but a vessel for the intellect, a stimulation to think about the true meaning of exist
  • Bestial Warlust patch is still available?
  • You're right... that's definitely the most beautiful Burzum artwork.

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