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  • Their best album as well in my opinion...
  • There may be more reliable sources, but i'd suggest discogs and enter whatever it is you wish to sell..then you wil
  • Love this album
  • Honestly I have zero clue how much some of my cd's are worth now.
  • Of course, you'd have to be an idiot to believe Varg had any vocal involvement.
  • P.S.
  • haha. right? one aspect i see in regards to the fluctuation ..it's also about the devotion of the buyer.
  • Here's a great example of how far disinformation can travel: In his €1000 ad, that TH first press seller quotes fr
  • Killer coer dude
  • I understand what you mean. There's nothing wrong with my english at all.
  • damn wonder how much my stuff worth now if I were to sell them...good idea to ban all this for 6 month and offload.
  • Tapes, CD's , vinyls etc...in this particular albums case, i have seen this on vinyl first press go for a little o
  • Sigh...
  • I'm having hard time believing people actually buy that stuff for so much money.
  • Well, I don't see anything wrong with addressing the "tvekvlt factor" regarding a release for a few reaso
  • excellent.


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