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  • D A M N N I C E ! ! !
  • Thanks so much man !
  • Woooow great!!!!!,
  • Roads to the North!
  • Thanks so much friend ! Always happy to share the memories.
  • Nice
  • An immense and insightful upload as always mate.
  • Have a good time!
  • Yea, I hope to have a Nocturnus soon.
  • Ha,Ha,ha ! Yeah, there's definitely something going on there. Marinara sauce just might be.
  • Really appreciate always bro ! We always talk about these guys and album. Just a phenomenal record.
  • Thanks again ! Really love their first two albums. What did you think of ' KIn ' ? That was quite a change.
  • Thanks always man ! Definitely a kick ass album. Really heavy and thrashy.
  • Thanks always my brother ! Yeah man, when I finally got those posters, I had to update the post.
  • Schysst! Plattan i sig är väl lite halvljummen, men omslagskonsten är riktigt vass.
  • Underrated era of the band, like many 80’s bands that released into the 90’s when most were listening to Death and Black
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