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  • Always need socks!
  • Wow!!!! I didn't see this, awesome!! Congrats!
  • now I'm curious haha
  • infati sea ga compra anca lu.... a molto de piu però
  • banyak orang indo juga disini wkwkwk btw bajunya mantep euy
  • 1989 noise international
  • Yup, this is classic!
  • Very cool information
  • Nice find, mate. I got some new stuff, too, man. Will load it up this weekend. Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerz, mate.
  • I've always felt this album was a spiritual sequel to Chaos AD. Definitely my favourite release by Soulfly
  • its crazy how its only takes 1 thing. On night I was fucking around on youtube and google..
  • Great Work!
  • Insane!
  • Great job, man !
  • Awesome event shirt from a historical gig...I was there....
  • From december ?? Did you wait for the shirt you bought in december until april ?? Holy shit....
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