Metal band : Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza

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Recent Comments

  • Always wanted one of these!!! Full flames!!!
  • Hey Fuggle- yes, I believe there is a b/w merch form page toward the back of the booklet.
  • Nice!!
  • Sierra are the best Ts ever. I wish all my shirts were printed on those. Nice deicide
  • It was definitely a fun night of Metal !
  • This is absolutely amazing! Good work!
  • Τomorrow i will upload some new photos that will be more clear so you can see any detail!!
  • hmm maybe a bit here and there.....
  • hehe.. yeah, not to well-known here too
  • Probably Elegy... he was the singer before Ian Parry joined... you can hear him on the first 3 albums...
  • hahaha... thanx for the nice flames
  • no... another band from my region... next town actually !!!! But i've never seen them live in the past......
  • yeah.... i dish up some crazy stuff again haha
  • always nice to see where it started for musicians.... Ben Janssen still being active with Inhume and Skullhog of course
  • i guess that means you like it hahaha
  • Not very well-known here too.....

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