Metal band : Tiamat

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Recent Comments

  • Always brutal this artwork \m/
  • Why do you keep a $20 shirt at safe box?
  • Thanks always my friend !
  • Nice catch mate!!
  • Very cool!
  • Including the poster & order sheet - awesome!
  • Thanks mate! :)
  • Awesome EP!! Wicked BP mate.
  • Oh fuck yeah, Fantastic album!! Did Obscura approve it?
  • If I do get it, how much does it cost together?
  • Oh wow that's cool, nice one mate!
  • Great pics, Such an epic band to hear live.
  • Great pics mate, Looks like a blast!! I want your hair haha, So long.
  • Oh fuck yeah, Wicked BP!!
  • Nice dedication man, Really cool you got to see them also!
  • I really like the Roman Acupuncture patch on the side, where might I pick one up?

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