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  • Thank you man! I have a couple more of those too Im probably going to put up for sale on here
  • You are making a bigger fool then I, assuming i know naught this info when clearly I stated why i titled it as such.
  • Damn cool
  • nowadays counts only money, not more ... that's the reason
  • First of all, I know all this. I've done my research and have stated why i titled it what i did.
  • hab ich leider noch nich.......
  • Look at this!! Damn Mr... How come all the bootlegs nowadays are so shitty..?
  • P.S.
  • great dedication! awesome band
  • Really interesting sleeveprint.. Nothing better than old Type O...
  • I feel compelled to repeat this argument and I hope dozens of other will keep doing so.
  • Und er hatte des Jahr einen roten am Kit, den hat mir Florian Necki mitgenommen
  • Ne, der hat den aber normal immer in rot gelb da, die Versionen die ich im Profil hab. Kosten 30€ bei ihm. Der hat duze
  • This is great hahaha
  • Every phantom antichrist patch ive seen for sale has this, I wonder why?
  • Damn where did you find that EHG Patch? Looks killer in red.. And interesting jacket! Front?


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