Metal band : Mortification

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Recent Comments

  • Todavia recuerdo cuando antes de Calmity eran Hush y no eran tan famosos en la escena como ahora.
  • Was an eBay auction...Was a smaller one so was just posted in a letter and got lost. Yeah I am looking to get that amon
  • Fuck yeah!!!! Great pic. I want Docs top!!!
  • Damn, that's fucked up, definitely post a quick note in the shopreviews so we know who to avoid! If you're wa
  • Wicked haul mate!!! Your not insane, We are the normal ones on this planet.
  • Great band, Hoping they come to AUS for a tour eventually, Would love to see em.
  • Oh nice, I brought a different one from USA last December and never received it!!!
  • Thanks!
  • Sweet. Did you get it in the To The End of Time box set?
  • Awesome band, You should add googly eyes for the lols.
  • Awesome taste, Need that Human BP in my life, Amazing album.
  • Wicked collection, Awesome band.
  • Great bands, Never seen that Megadeath rubber patch, Looks wicked.
  • Fucking gnarly skills mate, Looks wicked.
  • Looks fucking sweet, Been looking at sleeveless leather jackets to do my Aussie kutte, The more I see the more I need to
  • Cool stuff! Especially the Rage and Stormwitch ones. Cheers!

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