Metal band : Mortification

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  • Cool. I'm not familiar with them. I'll have to check-them-out.
  • Thanks for the flames!! On the bottom right side of the front, that's At the Gates, a Swedish Death Metal band.
  • Perfect !!!!
  • From the band itself. (I know them pretty well) They have some silkscreen patches.
  • What's the white patch with the red print artwork? I've seen that a few times on other folks Battle Jackets.
  • That's a cool Windhand patch, where'd you get it?
  • You're welcome. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
  • allright thank you :)
  • Yeaah!
  • Thanks!
  • FUCKING SICK, wish I had this
  • Where'd you get the Minenfeld badge? That's pretty neat.
  • Great shirt.
  • Awesomeness!
  • Nice shirt for a great band. I've been listening to their album Plague Black Metal recently.
  • Badass, love the color of the jacket, total old school doom!!

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