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Recent Comments

  • Wow!!! Never seen a sweater version. Not their best album, but still a great item.
  • yes they sure changed their sound along the way. I can listen and love them up up until Black Symphony.
  • Oh an as no one has bothered to mention. Bootleg shirt...
  • Great pics. Have just seen them in Hamburg a few days ago. Fantastic Show and many BbB-Songs here as well.
  • TAKE ME TO HELL ! Fuck me i love this band \m/
  • Haha. Musically nothing. Some lyrics on track 5 were attributed.
  • Ebay Germany. New Unworn.
  • Oh man, this is awesome!!!
  • Yep :P She is also on Facebook.I asked her how much her influence was on Soulblight :)
  • Sorry. there is tons of info..but you keep at it.
  • On Metal Archives Morrigan is stated as official member in the Soulblight lineup.Or else she would be under the section
  • Can I buy this one?
  • Wondering where u got the black border. I cant find that one:) theres a new boot design with a hammer iv seen recently
  • Hey mate. I tried to get the old one back,but had no luck. This is indeed another one. Cheers
  • Nice jacket. I got the pants of this ;)
  • Hey. Could you tell me where you got this? Im looking for it still
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