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  • It´ s not official... but done by a dedicated old school BM maniac ;-)
  • That RULES!
  • i am 17 or 18 in that picture...its my high school :)) i used to wear the gas mask to school to scare people
  • i have tattoos haha but no piercing.
  • in 92 i was 10 years old :))...i started listening when i was about 14 or so :))...Sepultura was one of the first bands
  • ohhh yeah...it can get bad...i just crank up air conditioning in my car so that i dont sweat all over the place before g
  • Where did you find this? I’ve been searching for this and the longsleeve forever
  • Suits are terrible, probably my most hated piece of clothes, so uncomfortable and when you wear this garbage in summer,
  • Not yet, i remember i read about it somewhere and forgot to look for it... Hopefully it sounds like their album :)
  • Extremely tempting! But alas, I cannot part with this LS again....
  • Cool! I have to get it! Did you already listen to it?
  • Sorry my mistake. Its an ep and it was released early this year... :)
  • Yes! They are true underground!
  • I think if I would miss the show, it won't make any difference, I would rather have my money spent on a recent Aris
  • Sure? I did not know that, but i hope so! I am looking forward to it!
  • New youngsters are too self-obsessed with themselves and I look too casual for them, you know, I don't have long ha

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