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Recent Comments

  • Is that a back lower panel from a leather jacket? Truly a grear choice!
  • Så cool! Ja varför hålla på att limma på en t-shirt. Limma på Cypress Hill-patchar?
  • hang all pedofile female dress-wearing catholics!!!
  • Nice longsleeve and a damn great album!
  • Haha!
  • Rätt tröja i rätt hem :) Kul att se den igen :) Tunt gammalt löv det där. När det var kallt ute var den kall.
  • Ja, det finns sannerligen ingen som den här :)
  • Va!! Har du en sådan här? Cool! Har nog aldrig sett dig bära den.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_uTByo68LU&index=10&list=PL71AEF26C627FA7CA prohibido a causa de estar bien cer
  • Thank you! Kilkim Žaibu is a festival worth visiting even for its atmosphere alone.
  • Haha, now that's something that never happened to me before.
  • Not fond of the layout but some great patches, is that OPIE patch refering to Sons of Anarchy?
  • Thanks, this vest is going trough a major update at the moment. ^^
  • *LOL* XD Yeah maybe they should rename them "Grind Crushing Milk Shake Series". ;D
  • Sure is, mate! :)
  • Thanx for the flames! Yes, seems to be damn rare stuff.