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  • Yeah. I was wondering if it was a boot because I've never seen it before.
  • Looks great in black!!!!!
  • Looks absolutely mint!!!!!
  • My man, thanks for the fire. Yeah, I've seen a few Wrenches on Ebay in drastically varying condition.
  • Thanks, man! It's definitely a unique piece from before they got their footing, so to speak.
  • Awesome!
  • Always wondered why there was parts missing from the design on the back. Still a fire shirt though.
  • Fuck yeah. Atruyu, AX7, Static-X, BFMV, Trivium. Middle school stuff for me. Wish I could find that Static X one
  • it actually is now, im waiting to post it again till im done resewing everythin and thanks ill try some of those next ti
  • yeah, i got 2 of them from another guy on here, only am using one, i also got 2 of the cannibal corpse ones from their s
  • You should use that Anthrax on your vest, awesome backpatch.
  • Got lucky on EBay of all places. Your Bodybag collection is nuts man
  • WOAH. Is this legit?
  • Wow, I mean...Wow
  • I'm interested in purchasing this patch. What are you asking for it?
  • I see one with the tool wrench up on ebay. This one looks better to me.

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