Metal band : The County Medical Examiners

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Recent Comments

  • Great idea for a bottleholder
  • Look on Google found it there
  • Wish I could find a copy of this patch
  • Not that much. Brocken Moon "Das Märchen vom Schnee" CD/LP/Shirt and Irrlycht "s/t" CD/LP....
  • Damn amazing looking LS and a really great album
  • Wow, that's pretty awesome man! Do you also do designs for other bands?
  • "Nice man!" Another never-seen back patch! How do you find these killers?
  • Front looks great! Back looks a little strange with all the circles in my opinion...
  • Hoooooly shit this is wicked! Don't think this rare gem has ever been posted on TSS! Great find Voidcrew!
  • Nachteule!!!!
  • Thanks, man
  • Yes. Did also the "design" for this shirt.
  • Thanks!
  • Die einzige vollgeknallte Lederweste die ich mag !
  • nice one mate one of my alltime favourite speed metal albums
  • Fuck....
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