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  • Coroner Found!
  • Seriously nice collection.
  • Awesome collection from an awesome band man!!
  • what a beauty !!!
  • Lots of nice stuff on there. I love wee enamel badges like that
  • Sweet. Viking warrior weapons. Onwards to battle.
  • Again wow fucking nice!
  • Salad buffet. Lol
  • Dammnnn. Hope he didn't miss the main act.
  • Cheers Antonio. All ready for the UK tour next month!
  • Daniel, do you have one more Sacred steel fan club´s patch ? for trade or some thing, I dream with this haha
  • It's the dude.
  • One of my favorite black metal albums. Where did you get it?
  • Wicked! Can you give us any leads as to where to find such embroidered finery?
  • This is... wow. Just wow.
  • Everything on this came out amazing. I love all the detail on it. What kind of studs are those?


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