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  • Frickin awesome!
  • Ohh yeah.....wasn't having a go at you or anything....I just really really think "rise" was a fuckin mast
  • It was amazing despite the physical pain.
  • Very cool. I keep hearing a lot of people I know going to this tour and praising it I can'y wait.
  • This is really amazing. I say leave this one and start a new one!
  • I like this idea.....may be the best way to preserve it.
  • Holy shit that's the best vest I've seen on this website. Where did you get the Gene Simmons and Killers Patch
  • Killer patch
  • I'm not saying they are bad or anything. They just didn't strike me as anything special.
  • It was unhinged last night. The Fillmore is a legendary venue.
  • Thanks!
  • They'll be back!
  • Fuck go listen to "rise to dominate"!!!!! Nothin poor about that album!!!
  • Simple, love it!
  • Cool shirt!
  • Killer dude! Sad you missed Obituary, their new material sounds great.

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