Wrathprayer OOP "Quid Fuit-Quid Est-Quid Erit" Shirt

Tue, 13/06/2017 - 06:49

This Wrathprayer shirt is official and really rare. It's a size L. Would trade for Proclamation merch. If you don't have Proclamation merch just offer what you have and we could work something out.

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  • I think the eps production is my main problem... Oh so sad to hear that. Im planning to see them at maryland deathfest
  • looks great. I love black vests/jackets gotta get myself one too sometime. awesome choice of bands too!
  • Hard pass hahaha
  • Whould trade it for your sinister ;)
  • Yeah the new EP was really very disappointing :( Their gig at the Party.San unfortunately too :(
  • Thanks buddy. Shipping to Germany tomorrow
  • thanks! Death Angel rules
  • credit for that idea goes to StereoDeth on YT.
  • Thanks! I am searching so long for this.
  • Haha bottleholder, nice idea!
  • Great patch.
  • Nope sorry, already gone
  • Ohh nice catch man! I was a little dissapointed by the new ep :(
  • BTW, do you know why this NPP closed? Because its the same reactor like in Cherbobyl NPP :)
  • Got this from a freind for small money. Don't know if it's an official one.
  • I agree
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