Withering Soul - top-hatted villain shirt

Fri, 31/03/2017 - 01:36

Size medium. the print has some silver glittering to it.

The first symphonic black metal band I saw live! A local in my region The singer has a good Shaggrath-style stage presence. There are so few of these bands like this in most of the USA, though they are pretty common in Europe.

Trade Only


Dr. Fill

Love these guys, Chris, Mike and Rock are good friends of mine. One of the most overlooked BM bands ever, IMO. "Tides Of The Accursed" is possibly the best black metal song ever written, of you can believe someone actually thinks that. Absolute masterpiece. Actually hung out with Chris last night when my band played Chicago, good times!


Ive known you to be really into midwest US BM groups like Somnus and Lorde of All Desire so its not surprising to me you love these guys ^^. My favorite of their releases is their first album.

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