Watain - Reaping Death Tour 2010

Sun, 29/01/2012 - 11:46
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Recent Comments

  • I like the layout, but I think it would look better with all white & black.
  • really nice longsleeve, haven't seen this design before, great live band as well
  • Awesome! Would make a perfect stripe for the lower back of a leather jacket!
  • really nice shirt mate
  • The patch is about 11.5 inches by 6 inches
  • oh i didn't know that exist a bootleg of this one.. i didn't pay a lot for this shirt, so it's ok
  • Killer Taste and Layout, awesome!!!!
  • Dude, gnarly! You just ran into those two randomly? Seeing Vader with members of Sigh would make for a killer night.
  • That's a great one maan *.* !!
  • yeah...they made a pretty great job
  • That's awesome... I really dig this band. Any idea on the year this was made?
  • Unreal shirt mate... never seen this before!
  • This got to be one of the few times that label intervention actually benefited the band, as this cover is noway near as
  • Yksi kysymys vielä: mille paidoille nämä on painettu?
  • Yeah, there is a version with tour dates on the back too.
  • Toivottavasti on vielä jäljellä.

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