Von Thronstahl Shirt

Into Glory Ride
Thu, 12/05/2016 - 15:57

Von Thronstahl Shirt

Not for sale or trade



I've been really into these guys, A Challenge of Honour and Derniere Volonte for the past month. Wonderful atmosphere.

Into Glory Ride

Thanks for the flames, man.
Yes, there is a lot of mediocrity in this genre, but the 3 You mentioned are all part of the Spearhead for sure. Though at least concerning VT, it's not only about the atmosphere.


Oh, believe you me, I know. I adore them for more than the atmosphere.

Into Glory Ride

I am pretty sure about that, looking at Your current avatar, haha
No offence anyway, it just sounded that You only recently got into Mr. JK's offerings.

If You don't know them yet You should be sure to also "check out" Blood Axis, Triarii, Arditi, Puissance, H.E.R.R.


No offense taken, I actually have only recently gotten into them. I had first heard Derniere Volonte more than a year ago, but it only just recently clicked with me. That led to searching out similar stuff. A lot of that is because my views on society and people and all have evolved a ton in the past year.

Germany is a dangerous place to hold such views, I have heard. Godspeed, brother.

Into Glory Ride

Yeah, it's for sure much more than music.

In a way that's quite correct but "such views" is of course not very specific.
Thanks, haha

Into Glory Ride

This is for sale/trade now.

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