Vintage W.A.S.P raglan shirt

Wall merc
Mon, 20/03/2017 - 21:31

Vintage W.A.S.P raglan shirt 1984
Small saiz
Still good condition

Not for sale or trade
Vintage W.A.S.P raglan shirt
Vintage W.A.S.P raglan shirt
Vintage W.A.S.P raglan shirt


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  • I should of bought a few extra copies of this when I had the chance!!!!
  • This is a real gem Love that ep so much... those 3 songs are among easily top 10 katatonia songs for me
  • Hahaha yeah i ordered like 8'or 9 shirts :) Hopefully they will continue to unearth forgotten designs and shirts :)
  • Yeah, thats what i think too! Id rather have the original shirts. But sometimes they are impossible to find
  • It sounds like depeche mode :) The albums that i dont listen too much from them are symbol of life and the one with the
  • Hahaha thanks! I thought we had no chance in beating them but thats football Yeahh you should check those shirts out :)
  • Wow
  • :)
  • Great band and great shirt! Their first 3 albums are untouchable
  • This is so cool!
  • I like this shirt a lot! :)really cool I like all their albums except maybe for the funeral album
  • I tottaly love that simple, but effective design.
  • yeah, that´s my shitty music taste. :D
  • Always loved this artwork :)
  • Brutal LS!
  • The front looks like the original! Congrats on beating Germany!
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