Venom - Black Metal Holocaust original 1984 tour shirt

Sat, 18/03/2017 - 16:29

original Venom tour shirt from 1984.

Not for sale or trade
Venom - Black Metal Holocaust original 1984 tour shirt
Venom - Black Metal Holocaust original 1984 tour shirt


L Torstensson's picture

Ännu mer? Orkar knappt skriva mer hehe. Men vi kör igen! Superäckligt cool t-shirt!
En riktig klassiker!
Fem personer som bara skulle gapat om du sagt till dom 1984, att Metallica kommer bli större än Venom inom en snar framtid.

Beyond's picture

Hehe tackar! Ja här har vi verkligen the Holy Grail när det gäller Venom tröjor.
Ja precis, tänk så det blev haha.

Trah666's picture

Wow, what a piece of history

Beyond's picture

Cheers! \m/

hellslaughter's picture


Beyond's picture


SodomaniacGermany's picture

Probably the best Venom Shirt ever!

Beyond's picture


nekkromaniac's picture

Fuckin' great!

Beyond's picture

Thank you!

MorbidTales7's picture

Die Hard!!!!!!

Beyond's picture

Hell yeah!!!!!
Thanks for the fire!!!

connorxhehir's picture

Incredible, would love to own this shirt

Beyond's picture

Cheers mate. A true gem for sure

Der Todesking's picture

Killer shirt ofc! A friend of mine has been to this tour in Germany. He's a bit older than me...

Beyond's picture

Thank you my friend! Cool, it must have been awesome tour to witness.

Der Todesking's picture

Yeah, I mean Venom headlining Metallica!!! He has some photos of the concert... very nice!

Beyond's picture

Yeah haha insane!!! I'm sure they are some killer pics!!!

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  • надо б эмпаера найти футболку

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