Vader - The Ultimate Incantation 1992

Sun, 22/10/2017 - 11:42

Vader - The Ultimate Incantation 1992 Earache Records. Lightly Used Condition. Size XL

The official Earache short sleeve for the first LP and classic release from the Polish Death/Thrash legends. The album artwork is featured on the front print with the bands photo on the back.

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Timeless classic !

dreadhead's picture

Killer, saw them recently in Brisbane.....

Special-Tee-666's picture

They were so good! i fear its the last time they will come it Oz.. lets hope not!

Carovoivod's picture

Killer shirt, I have five versions of this shirt all of them original but Im missing this one, looks really nice

Special-Tee-666's picture

Damn dude .. five?..took me so long to track down a decent version here in Australia haha!

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Recent Comments

  • Great job. I like what you did with the pockets. Must be pretty unique.
  • Best I've ever saw
  • No, it has found its way on my jacket long ago.
  • Looks like a renaissance painting. Really cool.
  • impressive!!!
  • Love it too. Had to have it when I found out about them.
  • great sweater..to bad its way to small for me :(
  • Yep! 11 years and counting now. Thanks for the comment! Cheers!
  • Thanks!!!
  • Thank you!
  • Check DM please
  • I love how you used those rising sun patches to accompany the Sabbat patch.
  • Gorgeous pin I'm interested if you ever want to give it up
  • Awesome!
  • This are gorgeous and unique! If you ever want to sell or trade I'm definitely interested
  • I have a similar hat, it's an army green. I'll upload a picture later but yours is cool!
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