Tankard 'The meaning of life' shirt

shellfire defense
Wed, 18/04/2012 - 20:45
Not for sale or trade
TShirt or Longsleeve - Tankard 'The meaning of life' shirt
TShirt or Longsleeve - Tankard 'The meaning of life' shirt



oh i can remember that one, nice shirt!

shellfire defense

this was my first metal shirt ever :-)


serious? damn dude...i wish i would have still my first (or first few) shirts! :)


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Recent Comments

  • Thanks buddy. Oh sweet!! Have a great night mate! They were fucking brutal and on point!
  • Awesome T-shirt, I'm going to be seeing them tomorrow night in Wellington, should be a wicked show!
  • ^This
  • Cheers bud.
  • Yeah... Most welcome. They should've just had a few wicked bands so they could have better set times etc.
  • Such an amazing BP, The vocalist of Nocturnal Graves rocks it on his kutte!
  • Nope, 9cm x 9cm.
  • Haha, The partner look, I like that. My girlfriend and I would probably go Slayer if we did that, We've cranked my
  • Ironhead, I'm guessing you don't have any of these around anymore?
  • Masterpiece of an album.
  • Epic as fuck. First time I got Focus I listened to it four or so times in a row...
  • Wicked taste mate.
  • Ah damn :( Cheers though!
  • Personally I think you should remove the Cynic off the sleeve and send it to me... Would look heaps better ;)
  • Looks amazing so far, Keen to see this finished!
  • Got the same!!!

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