STEEL PANTHER "Balls Out World Tour " 2012 band shirt

Mon, 20/03/2017 - 21:57

STEEL PANTHER "Balls Out World Tour " 2012 band shirt

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  • Damn right!
  • Nails and Leviathan are nothing like each other but this layout works
  • 8 euros + sendship
  • Thanks guys!!
  • Nice
  • Merci nelson, c'etait difficile a trouver!
  • This tripped me out for a second, I thought there was an OG picture disc release until I noticed the repress under.
  • These kind of motifs rarely look good when woven.
  • Good luck selling them for 13 dollars XD
  • Thanks. Still available. PM me if interested to buy. Thanks
  • Nice, what are you looking for trde?
  • Very cool. I like the red-bordered one in particular.
  • It is definitely better when viewed from a couple of feet away, you're right.
  • Awesome album. The new one stinks though.
  • Thanks, the yellow is the first press, printed in 2010 and sold at a couple of gigs if I remember well.
  • The best carcass design...