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X-FactorThu, 24/07/2014 - 15:11

My collection of Dew-Scented Shirts.

Does anyone know what year the upper left one was printed?
Picture shows the backprint, on front there´s the Bandlogo in central position.
It seems to be very old, got it on ebay some years ago.

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  • Yeah I saw that thanks.
  • That's a real shame. They came to Japan this January by the way, and I could fortunately buy this shirt there.
  • Can't be more classic than that!
  • I love it!!!!
  • Vault of Dried Bones has the Werewolf Power hoodie
  • What are the dimensions of the slayer backpatch?
  • love the green border version!
  • Underrated band!
  • Yeah I saw it too,2000s version. IMG-20190116-WA0054.jpg.pdf
  • The owner is my friend,haha. Mine is used,plus quality of camera is bad. I think we got it from the same store.
  • Hvala. Javi ako ti treba nesto. :)
  • That cover never fails to amuse me.
  • Very fucking cool!
  • Agreed, more like a group of swj youngsters :')
  • Killer Vest!
  • Nice one, good album.


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