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        See You Next Tuesday Camo Grindcore Font XL

        Thu, 04/08/2016 - 18:59

        First there was TOWER OF ROME then came SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY

        This shirt is from their EP era of the band. 2005 one of their first shirts. Very Very Rare.

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        See You Next Tuesday Camo Grindcore Font XL
        See You Next Tuesday Camo Grindcore Font XL


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        Recent Comments

        • I get the feeling that 'settling' for something is enough these days.
        • the moon is even about 1CM in a different place!! and the font's are also in a different place!
        • They pasted in a whole new 'moon' and the mountain/fjord picture is completely fucked up..
        • no man...
        • The quality of the shirts and the prints are just as good as from the band themselves,or official licensed ones.I am th
        • \m/
        • nice!!
        • thanks. Same goes for your dissection/MD shirts
        • noice
        • Oh dear...Extreme Metal Record Label & Distribution.
        • Awesome shirt!
        • Damn mate, awesome vest!
        • Looking awesome dude. Stevie has great vocals.
        • Trippy as fuck.
        • I've not heard the copy you have I'll compare them and let you know.
        • Hell yeahhhh. Would love them to reform...


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