Rocked with UFO

Sun, 09/06/2013 - 18:28

Finally a dream came true yesterday I got to see UFO live!
First row, just going crazy all the time, got the set list handed to me be Phil Mogg and Vinnie Moore gave me his guitar Pick he played with the whole show

Not for sale or trade
Rocked with UFO
Rocked with UFO
Rocked with UFO
Rocked with UFO
Rocked with UFO


Bombenhagel's picture

Richtig cool !

quixotic's picture

find ick och

metal_thrashing_dad's picture

Seriously, i need nothing more on a U.F.O shirt, just the name of the band!!! Super!!!

quixotic's picture

Exactly my thoughts, there was a tour shirt as well, but to colourful

metal_thrashing_dad's picture

Forgot the flames!!!

Speed or Bleed's picture

tolle band und ausbeute! :)

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Rover133's picture

Excellent. Love this band.

quixotic's picture

Thanks! I waited to long to see them, but never had the chance

MetalBrewer's picture

Great collection of the best band on the planet!
Looking forward to seeing them again this weekend.


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  • the green is crisp like fukin chicken brah
  • Love it alot. Wish they had a frozen in time patch would love it.
  • Posted this in the wrong section
  • Love the layout!
  • Lemmy would be proud man!
  • Killer. Every time I listen to this album it feels like there's a million songs on it for sone reason.
  • Interesting info! I had put the year when i catch the shirt, hehehe.
  • Go Raiders!! I’m pumped for Gruden as well!
  • Yes DoctorDeath, originally the shirt was in XL size.
  • Jajaja, el Toki se portó ahí! xD ;) (y)
  • super séléction, respect pour le full DIY ! t'utilise quoi comme peinture ?
  • atleast you're honest!
  • Cognitive impairment.
  • Thanks man, this record rocks
  • why didnt you just click [edit] and then make it [trade or sale] ?
  • katatonia and in the woods... what a line up!!! i've seen both at the same festival, but not together at a venue.


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