Refuge (Rage) - "Extended Power" 2016 Tour shirt

Sun, 02/10/2016 - 05:39

This is a cool bring-back shirt from their recent shows in Europe, Japan, and the U.S. I bought it at the recent ProgPower 2016 Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. Once I found out that Rage and Fates Warning were playing, I knew I had to go, no questions asked. It was definitely worth the trip to finally get to see one of my favorite bands! Not only did I get to see one of my favorite bands, it was with their best lineup ever, Peavy, Manni, and Chris!

I was able to catch Manni's guitar pick as well! They put on one of the best shows that I ever witnessed. I was really drunk and actually lost this shirt, a Rage box-set, and original posters and ads from the 80's/early 90's that were autographed by the band. Fortunately, someone was able to turn it in to lost & found. I just received all the stuff through UPS the other day, and everything was in excellent condition with nothing missing. I am the luckiest man in the world!

I will post the box-set, posters, and pick soon.

Not for sale or trade
Refuge (Rage) - "Extended Power" 2016 Tour shirt
Refuge (Rage) - "Extended Power" 2016 Tour shirt
Refuge (Rage) - "Extended Power" 2016 Tour shirt
Refuge (Rage) - "Extended Power" 2016 Tour shirt
Refuge (Rage) - "Extended Power" 2016 Tour shirt

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Recent Comments

  • Really good set list! How did you get this rare stuff?
  • Awesome DSBM
  • nice design!
  • nice combi and good stuff @music
  • the frontlogo reminds me on Diabolic ..but beside this fact, its a nice shirt :D
  • oh....great LS dude, great LS
  • i love this Agressor shirt..it looks so badass!
  • Thanks for the flames! Jon rules till this day!
  • Classic. Always loved the back print on this one. Hail Jon! Solvet Cosmos In Favilla!
  • There is a back print it’s of the album cover I’m just lazy to take another picture at the moment
  • I need this!!
  • Nice! Great list.
  • No back print? Still a great shirt! I always liked shirts with the little print on the chest like that.
  • Smallest neck hole lol, if I had a nickle for every shirt owned...
  • Thank you for the kind words :)
  • maybe i took the pic upside down? its actually Christ forever shirt?
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