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RARE Tomb of the Mutilated World Tour '93 Longsleeve

Wed, 09/09/2015 - 20:19

eBay score. However, I was at the show in Washington DC on February 16, 1993 at the 9:30 Club (the "old" 9:30 Club at 9th and F st.), the third show on this tour. While it says "World Tour" on the back, the dates are all in the US with just the last two in Canada.
This was my first Cannibal Corpse show. I was 15. Chris Barnes was actually wearing this shirt on stage that night. I wanted this shirt more than anything that night because it looked so bad-ass on Barnes and was unique in having no graphics. Unfortunately, being a broke 15 year old, I didn't have the $30 selling price. I think the show ticket was $25. Openers were Unleashed and Epidemic. Unleashed was amazing and played the middle slot. Epidemic, I don't recall too well. At the end of Unleashed's set Johnny Hedlund held up a large Viking Horn filled with beer, chugged a bunch and poured the rest out over the crowd. After this, Cannibal Corpse hit the stage and was life changing! I'd be surprised by anyone who saw this era of Cannibal Corpse and claims Corpsegrinder is just as good or better than Barnes or that the band has gotten better since those days. There was something magical about that original lineup with Rusay and Barnes. Getting rid of Barnes was the last straw for me. They should have changed their name after that.

I will admit- Barnes would not be able to keep up with George on the newer material. I think Vile (Created to Kill) could have been completed with some quality by Barnes but beyond that, Barnes would not have been able to give the band the super technical vocal delivery they were looking for. However- as far as technical death metal goes, Suffocation has always been better at it and more brutal than Cannibal Corpse and Frank Mullen is not exactly the most technical vocalist by any means. So who the f- knows? I think they should have at least finished the 5th LP with Barnes. Beyond that- who knows. They definitely aren't dark and creepy with George at the helm the way they were with Barnes. That's the main difference live at least- Chris Barnes had a dark and creepy aura- a mystique and charisma that is not be be found in any other death metal vocalist before or since. In my opinion, he was the best. Something about this shirt and Barnes wearing it on stage sums up that era- all black with a bloody, hand-drawn logo and a tour title, which, given the absence of any graphics, is dark and mystifying.

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RARE Tomb of the Mutilated World Tour '93 Longsleeve
RARE Tomb of the Mutilated World Tour '93 Longsleeve
RARE Tomb of the Mutilated World Tour '93 Longsleeve
RARE Tomb of the Mutilated World Tour '93 Longsleeve

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