Pripjat "Sons of Tschernobyl" Shirt

Wed, 05/03/2014 - 23:36

Newcomer Band from Colonge. They just released their first album and they play pretty good Thrash Metal.
But I don't like the backprint on this shirt... All the "fucks" look like from an ordinary Core band :P

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Pripjat "Sons of Tschernobyl" Shirt
Pripjat "Sons of Tschernobyl" Shirt


Claudandus's picture

Saw these guys a couple of days ago on Metal Archives. Something you would recommend?
Love the front. Looks very industrial-ish.

Heimdall11's picture

Just listen to their album, it includes all the songs of their demo. My favourites are "Born to hate", "Red disease" and "Toxic".
You can find some songs on facebook (www.facebook.com/PripjatBand/app_2405167945) or on youtube (http://youtu.be/BSdQ2rZmVIY). Hope you enjoy!

buehrmar96's picture

awesome shirt, i wish i have bought it too when i had the chance


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