Power Trip: Waiting Around To Die 2018 Tour Longsleeve

Parody Of Society
Sun, 24/06/2018 - 08:04

Bought it straight from the two nights in a row in Brooklyn, New York. In other words, no, I didn’t get it from the online store like many people are doing now and then claiming they were fans since 2008, when they were indeed not. No, I’m not implying I was, either.

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Power Trip: Waiting Around To Die 2018 Tour Longsleeve


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  • Holy shit that is beautiful!
  • Yes, Absolutely!!!!
  • Very nice battle jacket!
  • Almost bought this one yesterday at the Niagra shop.
  • Very nice battle jacket !!!
  • mmm interesting...its actually my fav from them...I bought this cd back in mid 90's or so...been a fan since...Hope
  • that ain't happening unfortunately...if she owns the bar, best case scenario, I would be bartender :))
  • I don't think they are too big on touring US/Canada. Not too many people know them.
  • Piotr an co.
  • Prachtige collectie wederom!
  • Hey! Thanks! Love the back print :)
  • She has to work so you can stay at home all day :)
  • Ohh never seen that shirt :)
  • Thank you! I did look again and Yes you are right "Kill your Enemy"' was written indeed.
  • Great vinyl release!
  • Very Great and Classic blackmetal vinyl release !
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