Possessed T-shirt unofficial white

MarkMon, 16/04/2012 - 19:34

Just came in this morning. It's an unofficial one, but I like white shirts so eh..

Not for sale or trade



That's a cool shirt with a simple desing.Heck you could even wear this to work on casual days!!!


..the reason I bought it haha


unofficial? Well... I unofficially LIKE IT!


Thanks! More coming soon..


Gaaf shirt, had het nog gaver gevonden als het logo kleur had!


Thanks en ja vind ik ook!

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Recent Comments

  • yeah nice man, some soundtracks are definitely worth it
  • cheers!
  • Great band & great shirt, but BRILLIANT uploads.
  • I have the black one on my page . Great shirt. Set them fucking wild!!
  • Cool, I like it!
  • Absolutely. Apparently there was a black one too but I never saw it for sale.
  • Great!
  • WHOO!
  • oh cool thats longer than i thought. great work man, i really like your stuff.
  • nice! love the back
  • bit messy for me but lots of sick bands. great work!
  • Love it! I've got the same burzum patch on my vest.
  • i love finding things like that when out in nature, I've got an old goat skull hanging in a tree in my back yard, p
  • Great one.
  • I thought so but I couldn't remember and I didn't want to say it is without being sure, you know?
  • I really like the new design of Cold Steel.... very nice Shirt.

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