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Pathologist Bootlegs for Birthdays

Fri, 05/08/2022 - 17:14

Just as the title states: Bootlegs for Birthdays. As a tradition between friends, we get each other purely bootleg shirts for birthdays and it has morphed into an event where such boots are so cheap in price we each get 10 new shirts on a birthday from each other. The only official of the bunch is the Zombie Apocalypse shirt (a gift to myself that happened to arrive a day prior to Escape the Womb day) from Primitive Recordings in Las Vegas. None have a backprint haha.

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Pathologist Bootlegs for Birthdays

MortalFate's picture

Forgive me for stepping on the soap box, but why not support the bands instead of thieves for birthdays?

Streptococcus's picture

It began with DIY shirts and evolved from that point originally. I genuinely could not agree more with the sentiment, the name just began between friends hence the title of the post. Support of band as opposed to cheap thieves is obviously the preferred option for anyone with a partial degree of sense in the least! And my statement none are official is a massive hyperbole as a large portion of the shirts are just traded between us individually so the actual official vs bootleg status could be disputed for a majority of them rather than just feeding modern thieves throughout the internet. And there is no issue for stepping unto the proverbial soapbox; I understand completely and should not have been as hyperbolic without any true purpose just for a partially alliterative name. Sorry for any confusion or issue caused as I could not agree more in the least. I should have specified more effectively on the 'purely' or 'only' parts, the vocabulary used definitely leads to an impression far aside from the reality upon review and that is my fault to be sure. Apologies again for any confusion caused, have a great day man!

Komplott's picture

Just been to LV a couple of weeks back and of course, having missed out on going to any record shops there, it's duly noted for my future visit there. They could skip out on the Funko Pop figures though, waste of space entirely. Suck ass and everyone plus their granny is flocking these fugly figures.

Streptococcus's picture

Most assuredly; I have never held any affinity in the least for those. They do take up such a large amount of space in record stores now a days among almost every shelf. I have no issue with figures or statuettes in the least, the ones now just look completely inane to be sure; nothing that would get a kid excited for any of the content portrayed in my eyes at least.

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