Pan.Thy.Monium - Dawn Of Dreams

Thu, 04/09/2014 - 00:06

Pan.Thy.Monium - Dawn Of Dreams -t-shirt, bootleg
Pan.Thy.Monium - Dawn Of Dreams -LP
Pan.Thy.Monium - Dawn Of Dreams -backpatch, limited 1 / 1
Osmose Merchandises -flyer

Not for sale or trade



cool shirt... i'm still searching for the original... full flames


Thanks! Yeah, me too. I totally missed P.T.M. shirts from Osmose when they came out.


i remember Osmose had those a5 format flyers... one one side their lp/ cd releases... on the otherside some images of shirts... if i remember correctly a Profanatica shirt, Blasphemy- Gods of war, Rotting Christ... and also this one....... considered buying it many times, never did... and regret it bitterly now !!!!!


I remember that flyer too. It was Osmose merch list. I think i should have that one somewhere. I tried to check some of my old Osmose LP's (Rotting Christ, Pan.Thy.Monium, Immortal, Samael...until I found it from inside Masacre album. I'l add image of flyer + PTM album cover + some PTM extra stuff here later on this evening when back home.


yeah, i think i have it too... probably in my Master's Hammer- Ritual lp.... early 90's i almost weekly got their mail-order catalogue... i wished i bought every single item they offered back then... they had some really rare and cool stuff back then


wow, where did u get it?


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  • Amazing collection man, great album and that vhs and vinyl ,yeeeessss analog format ,love it !
  • Killer stuff again Bro. I have both posters too.
  • What he said ^ Blood Like Rain have some of the best bootlegs, keep them bookmarked! Very fast shipping, too.
  • Mister Dead Stock strikes again. Adrien told me about those shops in Spain. This is crazy man.
  • http://bloodlikerain.bigcartel.com/
  • cool old promo photo
  • Thank you !
  • I didn't, it came with a picture disc edition of All Reflections Drained
  • ich habe nur das Poster ... schnief. Das shirt plus Ticket und noch ein paar alte Live-Fotos. Ach schön wäre das.
  • mega hammer - das habe ich so auch noch nicht gesehen
  • Ein affenstarkes shirt - das hätte ich auch gerne :-) Einfach super
  • Thank you, sometimes i'm crazy happy that this site exists, so far i got some really great shit from here, like the
  • Nice patch where did you bought it?
  • Jepp...auf Shirt ist es auch draufgestickt.
  • Thank you !
  • Agree, this one may be one of the best design ever made on a shirt!

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