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Overthrust - Villains See No Future test tshirt, auction is live! 122019

Sat, 21/12/2019 - 03:41

EDIT: As of 12-20-2019 This item is now being held for auction on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/264573822367

This is a custom prototype shirt/design by myself for South African (Botswana) Death/Grind band Overthrust. If you dig Bolt Thrower you'll love these guys (yes you can hear their music on youtube [please support the artist, I want them to continue making music xD.])

Villains See No Future is the last song on their debut Album: Desecrated Deeds to Decease, with the titular phrase at the end of the song "Kill yourself." I heard that and I was stoked. I got in contact with the band in very early Jan 2017, sent them a prototype design (which got approved,) and went to work. I even got the lyrics of the song which I included bits and pieces in the words of the back design; to prevent random people thinking I'm telling them to kill themselves... In fact the song is telling the evils of the world to kill themselves. The art motif is meant to be similar to our beloved Pushead, what with the fucked up skeleton head and morbidness. Overall it turned out quite good, both not entirely what I was after and even more than what I was going for.

The design was drawn on paper with a 0.3 and 0.5 mechanical pencil lead and colored in photoshop (yeaaaaa, I know, digital sucks, but considering my other mediums were all packed up and I was in the process of moving this was the best thing at the time. I spent WAYYYYY less time drawing than I did coloring in photoshop. To be honest, I had a blast drawing it, making details ugly was a piece of cake. It reminds me of something similar Bill Watterson of Calvin and Hobbes said in his 10th anniversary book in regards to a particular strip, he was surprised that he had to go redo certain panels to make the image rougher and more imperfect because he was so used to making things perfect.

The shirt is one of a kind and has yet to be mass produced. It was printed by Alliedshirts.com whom let me have one shirt printed instead of a batch. The shirt did NOT come out as desired... There's a great loss of color and there's issues with loss of detail. I tried fixing the design but the team at allied shirts said that it still wouldn't come out right and they didn't want to try... So, this shirt is UBER limited edition. My goal is to auction the shirt off to pay for the next test shirt and hopefully help pay a little for first batch of mass production shirts. Winner of the shirt will get my signature and how to identify that this is the very first shirt (so you can identify it from the mass production shirts and any other test shirt that comes after this one.) The shirt is a size Medium/Small, in a ladies fit *cough cough* but in all honesty you'd never really know that by looking at it... Definitely NOT hourglass shape.

The close ups of the shirt are fabri-cobbled (AvE, lol) together because the camera couldn't get enough detail of the lack of color and detail from the print job. And yes, the shirts' PSD files are in CMYK format. The top of the back design was missing more of the design than expected so that region wasn't included. Why these pics? When I opened a support ticket with allied shirts I wanted to show maximum detail of the short comings of the shirt in hopes to get a reprint. Below you can see what it's supposed to look like in design clarity and color saturation. I was also planning on making posters, but they would be on the expensive side; for now....

Please, support the band. Give them a listen. If you dig them try to get a hold of the album as they really need the support, they have recently lost their drummer to a car accident and could use some attention. Yes they have a FB page and there's several live recordings of shows on youtube, so if you wanna keep up with them it's a piece of cake.

Sorta off topic: Yes I'm a graphic artist, yes I can do designs for bands, yes I have websites (bare bones,) and you can find such info on my profile.

Overthrust - Villains See No Future test tshirt, auction is live! 122019
Overthrust - Villains See No Future test tshirt, auction is live! 122019
Overthrust - Villains See No Future test tshirt, auction is live! 122019
Overthrust - Villains See No Future test tshirt, auction is live! 122019
Overthrust - Villains See No Future test tshirt, auction is live! 122019
Overthrust - Villains See No Future test tshirt, auction is live! 122019

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