Orgasmatron Motörhead tee WANTED

Tue, 10/01/2017 - 13:25

Been looking for this tee for a loooong time. Repros are ok too.
Thanks for your help!!

Orgasmatron Motörhead tee WANTED


DoctorDeath's picture

those mannequins get more realistic by the day!!!

Lady.O's picture

Ahahah true!! Don't hesitate to contact me if you know of someone selling it :)

Vectrex's picture

Are mannequin pics allowed in the shirt section?

DoctorDeath's picture

no, never, except this is 'Wanted'.. so i'm not sure what todo about that

meaningless's picture

if some1 have a pic like this...u could still say: lets cut the head off (hahaha) and the legs..and just post the shirt :D
and 'taaattaaaaaa': Shirt pic only..for 'wanterd' section :)

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  • It's not as bad as you think, maybe $25 total. Quick shipping, very reliable.
  • ah jesus that's gonna cause me some financial problems. thanks for the link!
  • http://brutalmind.bigcartel.com/product/pre-order-cinerary-ts-ls-flag-ship-november-date-t-b-a
  • Brutal Mind in Indonesia literally JUST printed these, they may still have some.
  • Sick jacket, especially Winterhawk and Ashbury.
  • do you remember where you got this? i'm desperately on the hunt for enmity merch.
  • hahah same
  • +1 Hahahaha
  • Hahahaha what a slogan
  • You’re welcome! No way! Is the wittiest I’ve seen Lol!
  • Yo same
  • Deep purple and purple kiss gone! both ac/dc round gone! Kreator also gone!
  • Holy fuck
  • wow! flawless layout, and great choice of bands, mate. Love those Temple Nigthside & Grave Upheaval patches!
  • First two pics are like POV porn - just with beer and tasty food. Man, I just ate but now I'm hungry and thristy.
  • Thanks, man! Couldn't come up with a witty name, so I decided to be brutally honest. lol


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