Obituary - Slowly we rot sweater

Thu, 17/10/2013 - 14:42

This sweater is in slowly rotting condition, but I don't mind.
It still looks awesome.

Not for sale or trade
Obituary - Slowly we rot sweater
Obituary - Slowly we rot sweater


pietjebeton@jc's picture

Vette Sweater , Pier :).....

Pier's picture

Dankjewel man!

gloriousdeath's picture

machtig mooi... recente aanwinst ???

Pier's picture

Dankjewel! Ja, net deze week bij iemand uit de kast opgegraven. Erg blij mee.

DevilzForce's picture

ik hoor het wel als je wil ruilen ;)

Pier's picture

Ik was eigenlijk niet van plan deze weg te doen. Hij ziet er op de foto mooier uit dan ie is trouwens. Hij zit vol met gaten en is flinterdun. Maar wat nog het lastigste is, is dat ie vrij klein is. Maar toch vind ik em mooi. :)

DevilzForce's picture

niks mis mee :)

Pier's picture


fall in disease's picture

killer !!!

Pier's picture

Thank you!

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  • It may be fake, but it's a cool patch. Sew that one to your kutte and then if you find a real one you can save it.
  • Thanks! Im a big fan of 3D Pins!
  • How about...Best CC album with George on it :-)
  • Absolutely bloody disgusting, great look!
  • Perfect layout! The chain trim and detachable pouch are a nice touch.
  • You have some great stuff. The 3D effect of this pin is perfect!
  • \m/ Moonsorrow! Nice patch holder.
  • The colors are rad, very nice patch!
  • Hell yes, full flames! I've been wanting to do something similar on a brown sueded leather jacket.
  • Great patch!
  • Pink pentagram is a nice touch. You should post a photo with the collar so we can see those pins.
  • Damn good paint!
  • Wow you know your stuff!! Ever checked out William Blake's paintings and etchings?
  • Haha must be a common saying no matter where you live.
  • Ah yes I remember looking at it. Doesn't look to bad.
  • i was just looking at that backpatch earlier this morning, what a coincidence! :)


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