Norma Jean Death Is A Doorway L

Thu, 04/08/2016 - 19:01

Norma Jean shirt from the end of the Bless The Martyr era. Would love to trade this for their shirt with the green circle on the front. This is pretty rare and can be seen in many other bands promotional pictures of the time.

L 50$

Not for sale or trade
Norma Jean Death Is A Doorway L

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  • Insane....my hat goes off to you. Great work.
  • Excellent ! Love that Ashbury patch ! It's also a great thing to see another Visigoth patch ;-)
  • Sorry dude but I doesn't like your jacket at all.
  • If you're Danish I'm sure you love this band https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VwZ32RWGwo4
  • Done!
  • Bloody hell... That's incredible.
  • Throw in a roo & you’ve got yourself a deal!
  • Hahahaha brilliant. As much as I love the album I reckon keep it as is, good story and memory.
  • Nice, if I ever see it I'll snaffle it and send it up North in exchange for a moose named Duncan.
  • Welcome. Sounds good, can't go wrong with studs and spikes.
  • Indeed, probably the best Mysticum shirt yet. Cult Never Dies has a really high standard on their shirts.
  • Ah well congrats on this one man, it kills!
  • Weird, but insanely cool
  • I won this on eBay. I believe they sold these with the reissues on Svart Records. Been looking for quite some time.
  • Thanks man cheers! Not as cool as the real old one with blue font but this will do
  • Did you get this off ebay?
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