Nomans Land "The Last Son Of The Fjord" XL

Wed, 13/09/2017 - 13:57

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Nomans Land "The Last Son Of The Fjord" XL
Nomans Land "The Last Son Of The Fjord" XL


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Recent Comments

  • Love it !
  • Wow, great!
  • Thanks, it's one of my favorites! It's by BloodLikeRain, he has the most awesome designs.
  • Killer backpatch! And that Pretty Maids is just incredible! Don't see them on many vests.
  • Nice one! Where did you get it? I've been looking for this one myself
  • Nice!!! Ah fair enough.
  • Thank you very much! :D
  • I got a sleep patch, die cut logo from their second tour at the corner. Haven't found the right spot for it yet
  • Great album
  • Hahahaha, is that a nice way of calling me a spammer? Most welcome Sir *tips hat*
  • Whoa. So many kick ass bands!!! You've got quite the book collection growing mate.
  • The king of comments honored my vest. Thank you, sire.
  • Fucking love Maniac. Awesome LS mate.
  • Holy fucking shit Darko...wow... That is just remarkable!!!!
  • Nice one, screamed my tits off when they played The Bards Song when I seen them.
  • Do you still have them? I would like to buy one.
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