Morgoth 'Cursed' tour shirt

shellfire defense
Tue, 17/04/2012 - 11:27

Size XL
in good condition
for a wantlist just take a look at my profile

Not for sale or trade
Morgoth 'Cursed' tour shirt
Morgoth 'Cursed' tour shirt



fantastic shirt!!!!


yeah...really nice! :-)


A killer shirt


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Recent Comments

  • Thanks, my friend.
  • Always wanted that kind of studs and never found them. Always found the small ones. Where did you bought them?
  • Another great pics report /m/
  • Cool pics report, Kiss still rocks !!
  • Very nice!!
  • Awesome, really great tourshirt
  • Love it!
  • Haha, i remember seeing this one in my town in a second store between some Grandma clothes. :D
  • sexy and 5 stars for disembowelment!
  • This would look decent with a huge Faux-Leather Backpatch or a an awesome painting. Keen to see the result!
  • Beautiful jacket, i would keep it clean too!
  • Stunning artwork, beautiful long sleeve
  • This is one crazy long sleeve
  • Killer T mate, never seen this design before, awesome band
  • So good
  • Whats your asking price for your acid bath patch ?

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