Morgoth 'Cursed' tour shirt

shellfire defense
Tue, 17/04/2012 - 11:27

Size XL
in good condition
for a wantlist just take a look at my profile

Not for sale or trade
Morgoth 'Cursed' tour shirt
Morgoth 'Cursed' tour shirt



fantastic shirt!!!!


yeah...really nice! :-)


A killer shirt


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Recent Comments

  • Jävligt fräsch vest!
  • Love it! Nice colorscheme and great work on the additions!!!
  • Coming along nicely! Great collection of patches and love the symmetry and studding on the front.
  • It's 20€ + 10€ shipping to US (unregistered)
  • Tempting all right :D
  • congrats to this shirt - its pretty rare!!
  • lest we forget. good stuff guys. those pins are also sick, love that Immolation and Tool one
  • thanks, keep looking great things for this jacket
  • great! i was also there! glad i could catch the final edition! sad i missed out on getting this! but i need a 2xl
  • Fuck Penthouse dude, I'm jackin off to this tonight!!!
  • Sold
  • Great album and back patch.
  • Lots of sweet stuff here, layout is simple but clean.
  • killer!
  • Just amazing! I love old MDB!
  • I would prefer a trade!!!!! Regards!!!!!!!!!

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