Morbid Angel - Australian Tour 1995

Sun, 18/02/2018 - 00:49

Morbid Angel - Australian Domination Tour 1995. Lightly Used Condition.

Short sleeve design for the 1995 Domination tour of Australia. The CD version of the albums artwork in used on the front print, with the bands insignia pentagram print on the left sleeve. Band logo and the run of cities is featured on the back.

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  • Nice patch choices for this one! I like this way of sewing style!
  • Wicked!! Love those pockets! Great job!
  • Thanks!
  • Thanks! Bp turn out to be really killer indeed!
  • Thx!!
  • Thanks!
  • Thanks!
  • Awesome Jacket man! Love the scheme.
  • Inbox me a decent offer
  • Definitely agree with you man.
  • So really great!!! The backpatch is killer!!
  • One of my favorite shirts to wear.
  • Me too. I had such a hard time getting hold of one.
  • Mark's art is fantastic, he's sort of a modern continuation of Dan Seagrave's style.
  • Got it on here actually! From a user.
  • Yeah, this band has a few records that are at least worth checking out.
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