Morbid Angel - Australian Tour 1995

Sun, 18/02/2018 - 00:49

Morbid Angel - Australian Domination Tour 1995. Lightly Used Condition.

Short sleeve design for the 1995 Domination tour of Australia. The CD version of the albums artwork in used on the front print, with the bands insignia pentagram print on the left sleeve. Band logo and the run of cities is featured on the back.

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ajnin's picture

I think I saw them in 95..

rusty74's picture

I grabbed one of these when they toured, nice shirt with great sleeve print.

Special-Tee-666's picture

That toxic slime green is the best!

rusty74's picture

Yeah, that stuff they wrapped the cd in really was toxic.

cybermetatron's picture

Not seen this one very often. Maybe the second or third one I see.


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  • Not into CC, but this is a great job, great collection....
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  • Good question. Some really old textilfabric from the basement. which I applied with a wire.
  • Great choice of bands, nice backpatches and I really love the symmetry in this.
  • Enslaved in their glorious days.Great shirt
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