Morbid Angel - Australian Tour 1992

Sun, 18/02/2018 - 00:49

Morbid Angel - Australian Tour 1992. Modern Invasion Music. Lightly Used Condition.

Official Long sleeve printed by M.I.M for the Morbid Obliteration of Downunder / Grindart Tour 1992. Featuring the classic ROK (Sadistik Exekution) designed two-headed Demon kangaroo in full colour on the front print, the 'Grindart Tour 1992' printed on the left sleeve and 'Obliteration of Downunder' mixed amongst the Australian Map on the right sleeve. The back print again features the Rok Roo with the tour Dates and the Band Logo in traditional Australian green and gold colours.

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ajnin's picture

fucking magic!!!!

TheSabbathsCreed's picture

Thought you'd have this one stashed away. Looks in pretty good condition too!!! Nice one brother \m/

Special-Tee-666's picture

Must have been the ole' avatar? hehe

Cheers mate, like most oldies is pretty thin, but the print is just superb!

TheSabbathsCreed's picture

Love it's got the MIM copyright too. True Aussie stuff \m/

MadButcher1221's picture

Amazing colors, artwork and condition. Added to Favorites

rusty74's picture

First time seeing the longsleeve version, bloody unreal, looks in great nik for its age as well.

Charred Remains's picture

Amazing long sleeve !
Always one of my favorites.
I used to own one a couple years back but ended up getting rid of it due to the fact that it was really stretched out.

Out of curiosity, are the sleeves also a bit short?

Special-Tee-666's picture

Cheers mate!

Yep didnt take too long for the material to thin after a while: the reason I haven't worn it in a long time, but I can say its not like the Gildian 'Large' you come to expect these days, very much a medium in sleeve and hem length compared to todays merch.

cybermetatron's picture

Awesome !


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