Midnight "Farewell to Hell" Shirt

Wed, 22/03/2017 - 08:05

Size M. Offers only through PM. If you're looking to trade just offer any shirt you got and we'll make a deal.

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  • They won’t let use it. That is because I have no own shirts available. Or at least that’s what think is the problem.
  • Vadim you need to start that “ vadims deadstock tourism enterprises and shit” asap
  • Fuck yeah! Thanks!
  • dude, use the [ask about a trade or sale] link that's at the top, in red, and underlined, its very obvious, please
  • Ei edes vaikka 75€ posteineen? Olettaen että sopiva koko. Ymmärrän kyllä jos et myy, enkä tuputa enempää.
  • French approved !
  • Thanks!!
  • Thanks dude
  • Fun artwork!
  • Hey, First things first, thanks for your answer. I'm not that aware of the prices, to be honnesst.
  • Hey, I might sell it because its too small for me. What you offer? Cheers.
  • From Kyrck Productions.
  • thanx
  • I love this, what size, and how much?
  • update!
  • what a beauty
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