metallica-local crew 1989

Mon, 07/11/2011 - 07:37

metallica-local crew shirt 1989

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  • Cheers mate! I smoke cigars sometimes, mostly cigarillos with filter, but I'm trying to quit....
  • En valitettavasti päässyt paikalle, taisin vielä temmeltää hiekkalaatikolla tuohon aikaan. :)
  • Cheers bro! Yeah it really was!
  • Haha! Cheers man!
  • Thanks man!
  • Thanks mate!
  • Yeah it was really cool to see his spastic headbanging again : )=
  • wow, killer!!!
  • Political correctness in metal? Wow, what a surprise, lol.
  • nice job, however you need to THIN YOUR PAINTS. great work though, just needs some finishing.
  • Amazing band! The vocalist from Scanner's Hypertrace sang on their demo.
  • i mean Hitler was cool right? go die :)
  • If it's still available email me at rottensun138@gmail.com with the size and amount you're looking for.
  • good shit!
  • nazi stuff is funny LOL u live in israel? good luck
  • Cool Battle Jacket

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