MERCYFUL FATE - SHIRT [DIY] don't break the oath

Tue, 30/07/2013 - 00:30

After years of doing stencils with freezer paper, i'm beginning to experiment with silk screening.

Here's a simple 1-color print I did of 'mercyful fate - don't break the oath'.

Not for sale or trade
MERCYFUL FATE - SHIRT [DIY] don't break the oath
MERCYFUL FATE - SHIRT [DIY] don't break the oath

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Recent Comments

  • And I can't have a Black Metal vest without a bit of Bathory merch. Thanks Nater!
  • Thanks for the flames Nater! Good album indeed!
  • Thanks for the flames Doc!
  • This is probably the coolest Christmas-themed shirt I've ever seen, great looking artwork
  • Some call it weird, some call it extraordinary. :)
  • Stunning!
  • Great longsleeve! Awesome.
  • Killer event shirt !!!
  • Thank you!
  • Would you trade this to my Morbid Angel tee?
  • not a big fan but i can see your point
  • I'm always gonna be giving cryptoriana full flames!!!
  • Actually it looks like they just got new ones in.
  • Nice album indeed :)
  • Such an incredible album. Looks epic on vinyl.
  • It is..managed to score it for only $10. I prefer their first but still love this one
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