MARDUK Demon Goat ('Of Hell's Fire' - Nightwing MARDUK) 1998 LS

Wed, 11/10/2017 - 19:56

One of my favorites from my collection, this is a higher-than-average quality made shirt, (thick screen printing, no pills, nice cuffs with good elasticity) and was always taken care of (washed on gentle, inside out, and hung dry - never in the dryer). Size XL. It's been in storage for 16+ years.

PM with serious offers.

Sale only



Wow amazing longsleeve!


Thanks brother


Wow this has to be one of the best looking longsleeves I've seen.. What a treasure!! Full Flames for this piece of art


Thanks man. I'd never seen another person wear it back in the day - I always treasured it for it's rarity and vicious imagery.


That's pretty fucking sweet.


I rate this LS pretty high!!!!!

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Recent Comments

  • Nice taste! I have the same Nihilist backshape patch =)
  • Thank you guys! Cheers.
  • great, so we wait :)
  • awesome!
  • Thanks man, was stoked to find it in such perfect condition
  • Thanks so much again ! That's some killer shows ! Wish i could have been there.
  • Helloween have some of the best shirts haha, great one
  • Really nice posters!
  • Thanks Mate! Otherwise You all right, friends too dangerous, Haha!
  • Thanks so much ! I am lucky that i kept a lot of my vinyl away from friends.
  • Great record and nice edition! I have this record with order sheet but unfortunatelly the poster missing...
  • Another example of less is more :D It looks great, especially loving that backpatch!!
  • Too cool haha!
  • You all right!
  • Rare and great records, sure! I was lucky I catched this 10 euros in the past...
  • Great, I am listening this album now!


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