Longsleeve Goat

Isaac Chroner
Wed, 05/07/2017 - 20:40

Longsleeve with backprint. Both sleeves have print.

Not for sale or trade


VoodooChild's picture

Geweldig, heb de hoodie versie

Isaac Chroner's picture

Bedankt man!

L Torstensson's picture

Hail the goat!

Isaac Chroner's picture

Thanks Brother! Quorthon is God!


I can only find short sleeve of this now. did you get this online, please?

Isaac Chroner's picture

Yes I did. I ordered it at Goddess of Desire , a dutch mailorder. They have very cool stuff. Thanks for the flames!


ah cool. well I live in Newcastle in north east UK so the delivery fee would not be much I don't think, only a sea between us. ha ha.

Isaac Chroner's picture

:-) :-)

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  • Dude, I just came (without any manual stimulation) when I saw this patch!
  • Awesome Sauce!!! I need a Tee or hoodie in a 3X LOL
  • It's cotton, TShirt material, has a back pocket too. You can read item details in ebay listing.
  • Do you the material its made from? Might have to look into getting a pair
  • Thanks! Always nice to have at least one metal shirt that isn't black.
  • Unique and interesting! Soundtrack to an asylum where I could go around killing without remorse.
  • Selleys interior adhesive, and another I can't remember the name of.
  • Sick!! Would like to see RC one day also.
  • Oh wow you're a legend.
  • This looks awesome! Are these still available for purchase anywhere?
  • That toxic slime green is the best!
  • Let me check if for sale
  • Can you tell my missus that? haha!
  • Cheers mate!
  • Is that Carcass shirt your'e wearing up for sale :)?
  • This one is awesome

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