KJ confirm your worst fears

Sat, 05/11/2016 - 20:59


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KJ confirm your worst fears


rm347's picture

i know very little about their music but remember them having a very impressive and charismatic frontman.
any recommendations which album to start with?

RogJarl's picture

well I've never been a fan myself but I must admit it sounded pretty huge back in the very early 90s, nothing like the death metal scene that I was into but they had a wide vision, using elements from various genres at once, and that was impressive. Otherwise, it always sounded too "funky" for me :p

Mindfuck's picture

Absolute Dissent and ther fist s/t are their best in my opinion :)

rm347's picture

thanks, will give them a listen.

E.O.'s picture

Brighter than a Thousand Suns is my personal favourite. Somehow i like it even more than their early classics.

DoctorDeath's picture

awesome! I'm really looking forwards to finally seeing them for the first time this month here in Prague

RogJarl's picture

So, did the gig met your expectations?


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  • Great shirt, and awesome album.
  • Thanks man :D
  • real nice, bought from their webshop?
  • almost worth not selling and keeping in safe storage...
  • mine is totally faded and falling apart! time for a replacement! great tshirt.
  • Ah, too bad you missed them....really damn fine show...really was an amazing event...Venom, Coroner, Blasphemy, Master&#
  • this is a super cool mix!!!!
  • this is insane! never seen this before!
  • Cara, voc├¬ tem outras camisetas da Grifo ?? Eu acho a qualidade deles impec├ível
  • Great box set, Got the CD version myself!
  • Thanks!
  • I hope awhile. Not much sun to fade it here in Finland, haha. If not, well, I will have another project!
  • Oh wow, Nice LS mate!!
  • fascinating album! thanks for that.. lots of stuff to follow up on here..
  • Most welcome, Yeah same, Can't wait to hear it live!
  • real nice!


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